just so you know what is going on in my country right now:

  • votes came in for independence 45% yes 55% no
  • media very “”no”” centred and bias
  • unionists are now attacking yes voters
  • a seventeen year old girl has been stabbed
  • they are burning our saltire giving nazi salutes
  • our first minister resigns

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Dont forget how the no campaign terrified the eldery into supporting them and not even a full day after the No victory they turned round and denied to sign “The Vow” for more powers to Scotland.

Fucking disgraceful. The last time my country turned down independence we got Thatcher, i wonder just how badly we’ll get shafted now.

seakin-magda said:
Whats going on is Scotland right now?I keep seeing posts about riots whats happening?
turnoffthisentry said:

A referendum happened to decide whether or not Scotland split from the UK. The votes came in - Scotland is still part of the UK.

Today at 12 a bunch of member of the Orange Lodge (look it up - protestant extremists who also like to hang around with the KKK sometimes it turns out) decided to gather in George Square (the main square of Glasgow) to celebrate, as these guys are unionists. They are also sectarian racist fascist homophobic bigot losers. The Scottish Defence League (equivalent to the English Defence League, who are basically Nazis) decided to join them. They started shouting abuse at everyone. Called a gay pro-independence politician a poofter and kept telling everyone that didn’t resemble them to fuck off. Things got heated and they attacked some Yes folk, as far as I can tell. Fights broke out. One of them attacked a guy with a flare. BBC news reported this as “protests of the results” despite the instigators being supporters of the winning side. This was maybe around 4. They didn’t report anything else until maybe about 10 when things had been violent for at least 3 hours. Policemen on horses everywhere. People singing sectarian chants. Nazi salutes. Beating the shit out of kids, a Yes campaigner got stabbed. 

Basically fascists and bigots using their newfound confidence and morale boost from remaining a part of the UK to instigate a huge fight. It’s pretty much a riot. Streets blocked off. It’s not just happening in Glasgow but Glasgow has a larger population than most places and so the gathering here is rather noticeable. 

It’s still going. It doesn’t really feel safe around here.

And while fascists are literally beating the shit out of Yes voters the government decides to revoke Scottish powers - Scottish MPs no longer have a say in the Westminster budget (considering that Scotland’s budget is 10% of this it actually removes Scotland’s control of it’s own budget). This is in direct defiance to what they said they’d do in the case of a No vote - that Scotland would get more powers. So while English politicians are crushing the hopes and morale of the Scottish people fascists are trying to cave in their skulls. 

Politics, eh?

Some of this might be incorrect. I’ve been getting most of my info from social media and ‘official’ media does not report on Scottish matters in a way that reflects the truth so if I’m misinformed someone please correct me! 

And so it begins…

I don’t know if anyone who follows me is in Glasgow like I am, but if you’ve been getting your news from the BBC they’ve not been reporting on the situation fairly. This is not a protest of the referendum result (Glasgow was one of the few Council areas with a ‘Yes’ majority so it’s sadly an easy assumption to make). This is the same sectarian bullshit as always.

As far as I know things have calmed down (I don’t know thought). You don’t need to avoid the city centre but if there’s still violence happening keep away from George Square. If you’re going out at night get a taxi, stay with a group of friends and try to avoid George Sq/Buchanan St. The clubs along Sauchiehall St seem to be outwith the radius of whatever is happening.

But be sensible if you’re out. Keep safe.

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